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Pumpkin Patch Stamp Craft


Make a pumpkin patch with us! We turned some cut-in-half apples into pumpkin stamps. Such a fun and interactive way for kids and families to celebrate the fall season! This craft is ideal for kids ages 3-6. 

Crafting is fun and can also positively impact children's development. These apple/pumpkin stamps are great fall-themed craft to improve kids' fine motor skills, creativity, counting skills, and even emotional regulation (through identifying and/or copying the pumpkins' emotions and facial expressions).

Pro tip: If your child needs extra support for dipping and stamping the apples, you can adapt the stamp by poking a fork into the apple to use as a handle.


You'll need:

  • Orange (non-toxic) paint
  • A paintbrush in case your stamp comes out uneven
  • A tray for the paint
  • 1-2 apples of different shapes/sizes, cut in half
  • Liquid glue
  • Green pipe cleaners, cut into 3 inch pieces (one piece per pumpkin)
  • For the face:
    • Googly eyes or
    • A black marker or
    • Black construction paper pre-cut into eyes, nose, and mouth 


      1. Squeeze some orange paint onto your paint plate and dip the apple in it.

      2. Stamp the apple onto the page. Make sure to press down hard all around so its even! Use hand-over-hand or poke a fork in the apple to use as a handle if your child needs some extra support. Stamp as many as you want or will fit the page!

      3.  While the paint is still wet, add googly eyes to your pumpkins. If you're using paper cutouts for the face, now is the time to use them! If you're using a marker to draw the face, you can skip to the next step and wait until your pumpkins are nice and dry.

      4. Time to make the stems. Take your 3-inch pipe cleaners and curl them around your finger or a marker to make a curly vine. Using liquid glue, put a small dollop on each pumpkin where the stem will go. Then press your curly stems onto each dollop of glue.

      5. Wait for your pumpkin patch to dry and enjoy!
        Here are some different ways to play. Have your child
        • count the pumpkins
        • practice identifying and copying the pumpkins emotions and facial expressions
        • give each pumpkin a name
        • add in their own scene by drawing trees, leaves, grass, etc.
By getting creative with the activity, you'll find tons of different learning opportunities.



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