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C.L.E.A.R. Intentions 2023


The notion of New Year’s resolutions always made us feel anxious. So for 2023, we are trying something different - we are setting intentions instead!

2023 is our year to:

Connect (more with our community and loved ones)
Learn (from our fellow parents/caregivers and experts in specialized fields)
Explore (topics/issues that are important to our J&A community)
Appreciate (find different ways to be able to express our gratitude towards one another)
Reciprocate (find ways to return the generosity/ kindness that we have been lucky to receive)


The definition of connection is a bond, a link or tie to something or someone. Our J&A community is connected through our mutual desire to create safe and educational environments for our children to thrive in. It is one of our intentions this year to connect with more like minded people to grow our community and to also continue to foster our relationships with our current community members.


As the saying goes, you are never too old to learn! We hope and intend to continue and share our educational journey this year through our fellow parents/caregivers within the J&A family, as well as continue to learn from experts in specialized fields that share our passion for child development. 


We all learn the importance of exploration from the time that we are born. Whether it be physical exploration or exploring personal interests, exploring is essential to personal development both in children and adults. This year, our intention is to continue to explore topics and issues that are important to us and our community to help build a stronger knowledge base, so that in turn we can better serve our J&A family.



Caregivers/parents are often the most under-appreciated group, so it is our intention this year not only to find different ways to express our gratitude towards one another but to also simply remember to regularly communicate our appreciation for one another.


Over the years we have been the recipient of many acts of generosity and kindness from our community. This year our intention is to find more ways to reciprocate these acts so that each and every one of you can feel the love, support, and kindness that we have felt.

Here’s to 2023

This is what we aspire to do and how we hope to behave as parents and small business owners this year. We’re especially looking forward to connecting with and learning from you, our fellow parents and community 💙

Let’s start now - if you want to connect with us, leave a comment below - we'd love to hear from you!

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