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15 Halloween Costume Inspirations

Are you as excited for Halloween as we are?! Halloween is not only (arguably) the most fun and exciting "holiday", but it can be a day full of learning opportunities for your little one.

Dressing up is an awesome activity for young children to explore roleplaying. It encourages creativity and imagination, fosters social and emotional development, and improves communication, language, and problem-solving skills.

We found 15 super cute and creative kids' Halloween costumes to give you some inspiration for this year's Halloween!

1. Littlest Scuba Diver

This scuba diver costume is perfect for your little underwater explorers!

(image via Costume Works)

2. 80’s Workout Costume

Get your workout on with this 80's workout costume! What do you think this babe's rocking out to? 

(image via Pinterest)

3. Matching Pasta Costume

This matching pasta costume is perfect for all pasta lovers! Get the tutorial from Studio DIY 

4. Subway Baby

Baby costumes don't get fresher than this baby Subway sandwich!

(image via Twitter)

5. Tinkerbell

Kids grow up too fast. Don't you wish they'd stay small forever? Maybe they can with this magical Tinkerbell costume! Get the tutorial from Sincerely Jean.

6. Heinz Matching Twins Outfits

Get Halloween with the works with these Heinz licensed twins outfits! Get it from BuzzBearStudio

7. Raspberry tutorial

This berrylicious costume is a super fun one! Get the tutorial from Say Yes

8. Alice and the Cheshire Cat

 Step into Wonderland with this Alice and Cheshire cat costume.

(Image via Costume Works)

9. Baby Pikachu

Catch 'em all with the best and cutest little Pokémon sidekick - Pikachu! Get it from the Ghibli Store

10. Cupcake Costume Tutorial

There's nothing sweeter than this sprinkles cupcake costume with a cherry on top. Get the tutorial from Sew What Alicia

11. Unicorn Costume

Scientists say that unicorns are only part of mythology, but you can make them come to life with this mystical unicorn costume!

(Image via Costume Works)

12. Cruella & Dalmatian Sibling Costume

Sibling costumes don't get cuter than this Cruella de Vil and Dalmatian dynamic duo costume!

(Image via Pinterest)

13. Gumball & tutorial

Only 25 cents for a gumball - a steal! Get the tutorial from Peekaboo Pages

14. Popcorn Baby

The cutest little snack we've ever seen! The perfect 2-in-1 baby carrier and snack dispenser.

(Image via This Place Is Now A Home)

15. Starfish Baby

Don't you just want to squeeze this little one's cheeks in this cute starfish outfit? Get the tutorial from Oh Happy Day 



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